Khoo Kay Lye

Film Director

  • Countless awards, both internationally and locally.

  • A master of Fashion, Beauty, and Kids.

  • Currently the President of the Film.

  • An established leader in film style, form and flair.

  • He’s at the top, and he ain’t done yet.

Khoo Kay Lye.jpg

Born in a charming island north of Peninsula Malaysia, Penang (Betel Nut Island), KL Khoo began his long-running advertising career as an art director in the United Kingdom. Shortly after graduating from Newcastle Upon Tyne, and earning his degree and higher diploma in Business Studies with Advertising Design, KL began his journey into advertising. Following his soulful spirit, KL found himself working in an international advertising agency in downtown London, where he honed his eyes, ears and soul on the art of advertising.

It was there in the bustling city, that KL found his calling. Swiftly catching the wave of inspiration, KL switched from being an art director to a film director. And signature to KL’s style, he chose the path many didn’t dare to travel, effortlessly handling one of the most challenging TV commercial subjects known to man: kids.

For three years, KL took charge of Pampers (P&G), giving it’s commercials a touch of much needed style and flair. And soon rose very swiftly to become a highly sought after “kids film director”, and not surprisingly either, as very often he is a kid himself – forever youthful in mind and spirit. Soon after another opportunity landed on KL’s lap, in the form of a departmental store in Malaysia that gave him his first break to shooting fashion.